Mondeaux Flowage Recreation Area

Located approximately 20 miles from Medford, Wisconsin, The Mondeaux Flowage Recreation Area (MFRA) boasts campground, boat launches, picnic areas, trails and historic culture.

Spearhead Campground Entrance in Mondeaux Flowage Recreation Area

Spearhead Campground Entrance in Mondeaux Flowage Recreation Area

Perhaps the most accessible historic site in the Chequamegon National Forest is Mondeaux Flowage Recreational Area. Construction on the Mondeaux Dam, associated buildings, and campgrounds began in 1937. Built as CCC and WPA projects, the Mondeaux Flowage Recreation Area displays the trademark quality workmanship of these organizations. With four campgrounds (Eastwood, Spearhead Point, Picnic Point and West Point), a 416-acre lake offering swimming, boating, and fishing, and several trails, the Mondeaux Recreation Area has something for everyone.

Several recreation sites within MFRA can be accessed from the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. Many campsites can be reserved through a campground reservation system. Please use the links below for additional information.


Beach at Mondeaux Dam Recreation Area

Beach at Mondeaux Dam Recreation Area

Spearhead Point Campground

Picnic Point Campground

Westpoint Campground

Eastwood Campground

Near the Mondeaux Recreation Area, you will find an additional National Forest Campground nestled along North Twin Lake. There are only five camp sites and you can get additional information on North Twin Lake Campground from the CNNF website.


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